MFT Birthday Project

You’re HOW Old?
Sometimes using a numerical representation of the birthday boy or girl’s age is to share in their excitement (four-year-olds LOVE being four!) and sometimes, it’s maybe to rub it in a bit…in a loving way, of course. This month, we're challenging you to come up with interesting ways to feature numbers in your designs — whether recognizing the milestone of a newly-christened teenager, the celebration of hitting the half-century mark, or anything in between (or beyond!) we want to see numbers in play.


  1. Какие мышки - к тортику подкрадываются... хорошенькие!
    Пингвики веселенькие.
    Всегда с довольствием читаю твои посты (правда половину текста не поняла... ).


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